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Top 5 Reasons Why The NES Classic Is The Best (Nostalgia) Gift Ever

Any video game fan that was around to remember the original Nintendo Entertainment System is no doubt looking forward to the release of Nintendo's ultimate throw back homerun. The NES Classic is a mini version of the original NES that captured the attention and imaginations of kids of the 80's and early 90's. Pre-loaded with 30 classic video game hits this nostalgia micro powerhouse is set to become a center piece of living rooms for the Holiday season.

A few people may need a little motivation to make the purchase so here's a list of reasons to help make that decision a lot easier.

(click here to get your own NES Classic)

5. The Size

It's so small and portable. If there's a way to connect a screen to it (hint hint third party people) then don't be surprised to see these being installed in cars for long road trips.

4. The Look

Look at it.

This isn't a knock off. Not a mock up.

This is an authentic mini update of the original NES made by NINTENDO.

Sit it on the table next to the TV and play until your heart is content. The only thing missing is your favorite cold cereal and milk.

3. All The Fun, None Of The Work

Anybody who owned the original NES will remember having to blow into the cartridges to get them to work. Not the most back breaking of labor but it did get annoying when wanting to play one of your favorite games required several sessions of removing the game, blowing inside, and then putting it back.

The NES Classic completely solves that issue by having all of the games downloaded to its internal memory. Now all you need it a reliable power source (not hard to find in this day and age) and you're ready to mash Koopa Turtles and save princesses in distress.

2. Great Alternative to Netflix and Chill

There's nothing like spending time with someone binging on some of the great movies and shows available from Netflix. Sometimes though, the evening calls for something a little different. Something a little more hands on and interactive (let's stay clean with the thoughts here).

Just plug up the NES Classic and go for a few rounds of Double Dragon 2 or take on the hordes of enemies in Contra. Great times are often remembered for the things that you did with someone and nothing can be more memorable than teaming up for a nostalgia trip of co-op action.

1. A Trip to Simpler Times

In this day of fast moving news casts, divisive politics, and information overload it's good to find an enjoyable reminder to when times were simpler. Most of the NES fans were kids when the original was released and had very little foreshadowing of what lied in store for their adult selves.

With the NES Classic you can kick up your feet and take a trip back into the days of your youth. No worrying about bills and candidates. Just good ole video action to clear your mind and put a smile on your face