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The Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle

Another awesome gift idea for the kitchen.

With the colder season just around the corner, it's time to get ready for your favorite hot chocolates, a nice cup of hot tea, or your favorite instant soup (Campbell's still being a favorite here in the office). Instead of boiling water on the stove or the microwave, here's a neat little alternative for just the occasion.

The minds at Hamilton Beach bring you their Glass Electric Kettle.

Able to boil water faster than the average microwave thanks to the 1500 watts of power and much safer than using the stove (shout out to the automatic shut off temp sensor) this little handy gem not only does a fine job but it also looks good while doing it. The soft blue color that it creates adds a bit ambiance to any kitchen area. For those who make tea quite often in the traditional kettle on the flame method, the blue light of this electric kettle is reminiscent of that all too familiar flame as it warms the contents inside.

Now a lot of people may not like the idea of adding one more item to their kitchen counter. Trust and believe that this little marvel is such a novel attraction. You won't have any problem letting it take up a semi-permanent spot on your counter top. It's not too small so you won't have to worry about not being able to have enough water for more than a few servings. Fortunately it's also not too big as there's no fear of it taking up too much space as either. A nice in-between.

Gotta love compromise.

Another feature that you'll love about this kettle is the wide mouth that makes it easier to keep it clean and help prevent calcium build-up. A lot of kettles often have a design that makes it more of a chore to keep them clean and that alone will often discourage people from repeated use of their product. You won't have that problem here though so feel free to use this beauty 'till your heart is content.

In conclusion the Hamilton Beach 40865 Electric Kettle is a great purchase for anyone who likes warm beverages and would love a more convenient way of preparing them. On top of the convenience it also makes a nice addition to your kitchen appliances with it's lovely blue color. Click here to get one for yourself or a friend. Or both.