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Party 2 Go: The OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music has always been a serious affair for me, and like all other aficionados of the activity, my desire to get hold of definitive devices that give off crystal clear sound remains my prime concern. In vogue are Speakers integrated with Bluetooth Technology that provides flexibility and I never wasted time in trying them out like almost all music fans out there. In the past couple of years, I have had the experience of owning at least 3 Bluetooth Speakers, all of them purchased with the intention of satisfying my constant pursuit for the best one available. Being the party animal that I am, having a robust portable speaker set that comes with all-weather compatibility and water resistance is a must for me! The no-frills feature of such speakers is definitely a valid reason to opt for one but what about the other aspects like device compatibility, range, base effect, sturdiness, battery back-up, etc.!

Recently, I happened to purchase the third generation Oontz Bluetooth Speaker – the Angle 3. Although not the smallest in the business, I found the Angle 3 Portable Speaker classier and way more attractive than the rest. The only thing that I found disappointing was the small power On/Off switch. While rest of the switches are functional, they are a somewhat close together but easy to use. The vibration level is moderate, and the unit doesn’t move around much. I am sure there are a lot of people out there like me who are not just interested in having a speaker set for its portability alone. It, however, does come with an auxiliary cord for compatibility with all devices.

A solid exterior is another feature that most certainly is a priority for me as party mishaps are a common sight with every other thing being thrown or felled! The unit’s protective outer casing and the thick covering over the speakers seem durable enough to withstand significant impacts, making the unit’s longevity unquestionable. About the splash-proof feature, I won’t recommend submerging the speaker in water as it clearly states that the device is water resistant not waterproof. However, even hearty splashes of water by the poolside didn’t spoil the unit as rightly claimed by the company. Placing the unit on a flat solid surface seems to have a catalyzing effect as the bass emanates from the bottom. My summertime parties with friends demand a full blast while at the same time maintaining that crisp, non-distorted sound and I bear witness to the fact that this speaker lives up to the expectations.

The two precision acoustic drivers coupled with the base effect generate great richness in the sound quality even in outdoor settings. However, I won’t argue with the fact that it is just not enough for a big party. But if you have a few friends joining in for a fun summertime party, it serves the purpose. This product competes aggressively among the best selling ones in this range as it dominates with its uncompromising sound clarity and superior battery life. The Bass Radiator design is integrated in such a way that when the speaker is placed bottoms-up, the bass effect is more impeccable. I have tried the volume of the Angle 3 at upper limit during parties and was astonished to be able to hear every single aspect of the streaming music distinctly. With its inbuilt microphone, the unit can be used as a speakerphone by directly hooking it up to my phone. The pause button is another useful feature. Small things as they may seem, during party time, they come in real handy.

During my quest for Speakers, I usually found the most aggressively marketed ones as the ones that gave out some of the cloudiest and distorted music that only grew worse at higher volumes. The makers of the Angle 3 gave some serious thought to this issue, and I believe they have done a booming job in maintaining a reasonable level of high-quality output. Regarding overall sound, I can vouch for the Oontz Angle 3. I found out its output to be cleaner and more abundant than the others. It led me to admit that the loudest is not always the best. However, I didn’t find any distortion in the sound even at maximum volume. I have to admit that I found the treble mostly clean and the tonal balance just impressive for its size and budget. More importantly, I could discern that the bass effect did not overpower the treble of the sound, a healthy trait for any sound system. At moderate volumes, the speaker can play up to 7 hours until next charge.

There were no issues with connectivity at all, and I was actually surprised to see it pairing so quick despite being surrounded by thick walls. The gorgeous shape of the speaker together with its toughness remains unmatched in my view. The bass imitation capacity of this speaker, thanks to its unique bass radiator is the reason I usually pick the Angle 3 for my summertime parties. After all, that’s when the bass effect matters more than anything else. Plus, the fact that it is splash-proof adds some more points to its kitty!

Weighing at around 9 ounces, the speaker almost fits in the palm of my hand and so offers excellent portability. The two-inch rubber strips attached to the bottom of the speaker make the unit super sticky and thus resistant to moving forces. For those on a tight budget yet not wanting to compromise on superior sound quality, I would recommend the Angle 3 as it perfectly fits the bill for in-house as well as mini outdoor parties.


  • Peak power output of 10+ Watts

  • Rugged Casing

  • Super easy connectivity

  • Dust proof, Splash proof, Rainproof

  • Natural Midrange

  • Sufficient Battery juice – 2200 mAh lithium-ion


  • No NFC support

  • No micro SD card slot

  • Insufficient Range

Being the perfectionist that I am, I have tweaked the speaker set enough to assert that the mids and highs are faultlessly distinguished by the precision acoustic drivers, the resultant being a flawless stereo sound. If you are hesitant to invest hundreds of dollars on a Speaker, then the Oontz might as well be the most suitable choice without messing up with your choice of high-quality sound. I have discovered through a lot of experimentation that not all speakers have the ability to capture music with all its elements. Enhancing the quality of music and redefining it pleasantly seems to be the way with this speaker without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for a product of this kind, then I would surely recommend you to try this one out.