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Clean Air and Style

The Airmega 400S is a top rated air purifier for those who need clean air in their area for whatever reason. Here's some information about it so you can decide for yourself whether it's the right product for you.


The Airmega 400s Smart HEPA air purifier is definitely in the high-end category in terms of price and quality. You can choose either white or gray in terms of color. It's a true-HEPA purifier in the sense that you have to replace the internal filter every once and a while. This is one of the primary ways that you can tell if something is actually full HEPA or not. If it's possible to wash the filter and keep using it, this it is generally not really up to the HEPA protocols.

The general specs of the unit include the two-stage filtration and automatic operation. This means that it will basically run itself, and you don't have too much worry about it.

The box you get comes with the purifier itself, two pre-filters, two max2 filters, a manual and a certificate of performance.

Wi Fi:

One interesting feature that the purifier has which is of benefit is the Wi-Fi integration. This makes it so that you can connect your unit to your home network, and then control the purifier however you want without having to get up and deal with it in person, and without even needing to be in the room or at the location. This gives you considerable extra flexibility when figuring out how you want everything to work.

This is largely done through an app, which includes a scheduler function so that you can have it go on or off at whatever time you want. You can also control the power and fan speed, or make use of the timer. If you need to replace the filter, you can be notified of this through the app as well. Plus, the app will let you monitor how your indoor air is doing at all times. If the quality goes down, then you can be informed of this through the app. There's also an option here that allows you to take notice of the air quality levels outside of your house as well.


Another benefit to using this product is that it is quiet. You'll be surprised just how quiet it is. Even at the fastest speed, you won't hear the fan that much. It sounds about as loud as if you were talking quietly nearby. But, the fan also still works efficiently even though it has a quiet operation. This is part of what makes the price what it is.

The system consists of the pre-filter on one side, which is there in order to gather things like dirt, pet hair, dust or particles of a larger nature. This part of the product you can wash and keep using. It's different from the HEPA filter. Next, you have the Max2 filter, which has a carbon filter which is there to get rid of anything organic. IN particular, this refers specifically to what's known as volatile organic compounds, or "VOC" for short. Then, next to this, is the HEPA filter. It can handle allergy particles that are as small as 0.3 microns! IN other words, there isn't much that this filter is likely to miss. Plus, the purifier should automatically go into sleep mode if the light in the room is dim and the purifier hasn't detected any contaminants for at least three minutes. This will make the purifier slow down so that the noise is less and it draws less power.

This will certainly help if you're sending it as a gift to someone since you don't want it to interrupt their life too much, ideally.

The automatic nature of the purifier means it can sort through different modes based on what is needed, including the "eco mode" which will turn off the fan entirely. This happens after no contaminants have been detected for at least 10 minutes.

The purifier achieves this by having a larger air vent than normal. After all, this is often what causes the noise in purifiers, namely the air coming out of the product.

General Considerations:

The purifier actually works with Alexa, so you could set it up to work that way if you prefer. There's a reporting function on the purifier as well, allowing you to see how the air quality is doing in your home over whatever period of time that you designate.

The purifier is around 23 inches tall, so it's smaller than many other purifiers you can get. This is a benefit because it makes it more portable, plus it makes it so that it's easier to put it wherever it you want to place it in your house. This gives you a lot more flexibility. Generally, the item is black and what and it should make it match whatever color scheme you have in your house.

The product is good for just over 730 square feet. This is assuming that you want the air to be changed out about 4 times every hour. In terms of scores for handling contaminants, the score is 350 CADR for all contaminants including pollen, dust and smoke. The dust will also include particles in general, and smoke should incase just about any kind of gas. The max amount of air moved, measured in CFM, is at 410. It doesn't put out any kind of ozone.

As a Gift:

While the purifier can handle general air quality, cleaning up smoke, gas, and odors as well as other chemicals and allergies, it's recommended specifically for those who suffer from allergy and asthma. This means that if you know someone who's always sniffing, who's allergic to dust or anything else in their house that they can't get rid of generally, this gift could be ideal for them. It is true that they will have to switch out the HEPA filter every once in a while, however, so you'll want to make sure that they wouldn't mind doing that in order for it to work as a gift.

It shouldn't be too bad in terms of sucking up power or disrupting their life with a lot of noise, however. In general, there aren't that many filters that can purify a home quite as well as this. It's about the highest quality you're going to get without spending thousands of dollars. The only time it may not work as well for a gift is if they have a huge house and they want a purifier to handle all of it. This is more suited for a single room. This is both because it's rated at room size with the 730 square feet, and because it's a bit smaller, so it will fit better into a room.

So, essentially, this is what you should be looking for in terms of finding someone to send this as a gift. It should be someone who is suffering from allergies, who only wants it for their room specifically, who needs something high-end that will eliminate a lot of everything, and someone who really can't handle noise disrupting their life.

If you know someone like that, then this could certainly be the perfect gift for them.


No purifier is perfect, and there are some down sides even to this one. For example, there's no remote control on the device, which means that you have to download the app and go through Wi-Fi in order to control it at a distance. This could certainly be inconvenient for some people.

Other downsides to using the product include that some users find that the Wi-Fi doesn't work especially well. This might be luck of the draw based on the particular item, or it could be due to the contours or makeup of the particular person's abode. Wi-Fi is funny like that.

The other potential negative is that the cost is a bit on the high side. But if it's important enough for yourself or whoever you're going to give it as a gift, then it could certainly be worth it.


Whether the product works as a gift or not, or works for your own purposes, is obviously completely dependent on your situation. If you're looking to be as economical as possible, this may not be the product for you. But if you like its connected features, its automation, its strong cleaning power for single rooms, and other aspects of its operation, then it might be what you're looking for, especially as a gift.

It's terrible to be someone who suffers from allergies with no way to make it stop, either at home or at work in an office. So too is it great to be able to help someone who has such a problem and potentially solve it in one go with a gift that can eradicate the issue quickly and efficiently.