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And with a cute little bow....

Whether it's the holiday season,an anniversary, or just because, gift wrapping has become apart of human culture. A nicely wrapped gift can make it seem like you spent a fortune on the gift itself. However, many of us have no idea how to properly wrap a gift and spend millions of dollars every year having different stores do it for us. While nothing is wrong with this, why not learn how to DIY gift wrapping and save a couple of bucks? This way, you can have more money to spend on what matters-the gift. For the gift wrapping you will need: -Gift Wrapping Tape -Clear Tape (Double-Sided Preferred) -A Pencil -A Ruler -Scissors - The Gift In A Box Now that you have everything needed to wrap a gift, here are the steps. Note that this is for larger boxes, which are preferred. Don’t panic if you have a smaller box, it is okay! Just tweak the steps to get the perfect wrapping. 1) Make The Right Measurements For The Box Use a flat surface (like a floor) to unravel the gift wrap. Place the largest side of the box face down and make sure the paper is longer than the sides by about three inches. Then use a ruler to draw a straight line with the pencil where you have marked the cutoff areas on the paper. Once you have made sure that you have enough paper to wrap with, it is safe to cut, but make sure that you cuts are straight. 2) Start Taping Down The Paper Once you have the right measurements, now it is time to start taping the wrapping paper to the box. Don’t Panic! It is much simpler than it seems. The reason that double sided tape is preferred for gift wrapping is because it can hide the tape from the gift recipient, which is more professional. While the gift is still face down, lift up one side and tape it over a vertical side of the box (longer end if the box is a rectangle). Repeat this step with the other vertical side. The key is to get the sides of each wrapping to line up perfectly, which hides the creases from the folding. To cover the ends of the paper, tuck the end of the wrapping paper to the middle of the uncovered side. Hold the top of the box and then make a crease. Repeat at the other end, and you should have two flaps on each end. Pick one flap and tape it down over the other one on each side. If the flap on the top extends past the box, use the scissors and cut it for a more professional look. 3) Finishing Touches Now that you have finished the ‘dirty work’ of the gift wrapping, it is time to add your own finishing touches to the gift. While you don't have to wrap your own bow or anything like that, why not put a sticky bow on top? It might be the perfect touch to the gift. If bows are not your thing, you can also make your own personalized gift tags. Many websites have printouts that can be customized to say what you want. This is a great option if you are one of those people that can never find the right tags in the store. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something that the gift recipient will enjoy. Yay! Now you have the tips needed to start the perfect gift wrapping and save a couple of bucks by doing it yourself. Happy gift wrapping!

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