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Loving The Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Foot care is very important yet it is the most neglected part of the human body. It is so easy to neglect the proper care we all should have for our feet. Taking care of your feet early on will help you prevent any issues with your feet down the road. If you are an older adult or a senior citizen then you want to keep regular appointments with a podiatrist as early on as possible. Unfortunately as we get older foot care seems to decline. Alot of diseases or injuries seniors tend to get will lead to heart disease and you want to try to avoid this happening at all cost. Our feet are the farthest part of the body that's away from your heart and it takes blood longer to travel to our feet that any other part of our body. Often times we ignore the pain we have in our feet and tend to write it off as a normal part of our daily lives and we couldn't be more wrong doing this. We tend to only get concerned when a sore or a cut, like one that won’t heal, or a callus or even a blister of some kind. Ignoring those signs and symptoms is the worst thing you can do to your feet and you want to take care of your feet before any of these problems arise and if they do arise you still can begin treating your feet better by taking better care of them and those problems can still go away bringing you back to a better health. Some of the ways you can keep your feet healthy is by doing these few things daily:

  • Wash your feet daily with warm water and soap,

  • Make sure after a bath or shower be sure to dry between your toes

  • Do not walk barefoot while in public places, this is very unsanitary

  • Do your best to keep your feet dry at all times

  • If your feet sweat heavily, change your socks often

If you do these things on a daily basis you can keep your feet healthy and if your foot health is or was on the decline you can apply this daily and redirect your feet back to a healthier place.

Long Drawn out Days:

I work long hours and often times I work double shifts several days in a week on a weekly basis caring for the elderly. All day Im moving my client around in and out of the bed, preparing meals, doing laundry, grocery shopping, assisting with therapy, all of this keeps me on my feet for most of the day. By me being on my feet all day every day for hours at a time is very exhausting, mentally and physically. It has become a daily ritual of mine that every day after work before I do anything else I will take a long hot shower then I will pamper myself a half hour to a hour (depending on the day) and everyday with a specially treated and heated aromatherapy foot spa treatment using my Ivation Foot Spa Massager. I totally fell in love with this product the very first time I every used the Ivation Foot Spa Massager.

The Assembly & Performance:

Putting the foot spa massager together was so easy. Assembling it was fast and simple took me only 10 minutes. This foot spa isn't your average glorified bucket with water. It is so much more than that. It is multi-functional, you can use it to exfoliate your feet, you can use it to soften and soak your feet in this Ivation foot spa. There are 4 different settings to choose from and they go from vibrations, to rollers, to bubble massage and to aromatherapy. I always and I love to infuse my foot spa massager with my favorite essential oil which is lavender scent. It has an infrared light that is digitally controlled by a LED temperature display which is what keeps the water you put in the spa heated and it even stays warm!. It does not get cold at all while using it like other foot spa massagers I’ve used in the past, they get cold within minutes! If you choose to have a cool foot spa massage that is an option for you as well, although I always prefer a hot exfoliating foot soak. You can easily see how hot the water is because the digital temperature has a controlled LED display. Its automatic motorized massage rollers that focus on your heels, soles and on the bottom of your feet which is the balls of your feet. If you want to go all out you can go for a full blown luxury, at-home spa treatment that comes with three attachments for a full pedicure treatment. These are the reasons why I absolutely love this product. It has all the things needed for well care at home foot treatment over and over again for no where near the cost of going out to get a professional pedicure. I tell you with this spoiled treatment I get with Ivation Food Spa Massager, I never want the spa treatment to end because it's so soothing but when the time does ends of me enjoying my foot spa massage treatment, my feet feel amazingly fresh, clean and just simply my feet feels heavenly! As much as I love this product let me share some of its Pros’s and Con’s Even though my foot spa works great I have seen and heard some cons about this product and its only fair to mention those.


  • The instructions are clear and easy to read and understand

  • This product is very easy to use and easy to assemble

  • The functions and programs are clearly marked and displayed on the unit

  • Comes with a pedicure attachment for a full pedicure treatment

  • It’s multifuctional, you can exfoliate your feet, it has aromatherapy and a bubble massager

  • It has motorized rollers that allows for a great foot massage

  • Infrared LED light

  • Reasonably priced compared to salon treatments, you get to you this over and over again only paying for the foot spa one time versus each time you go to a salon.

  • Excellent customer service, they resolve customers issues and complaints in reasonable time.


  • Feet compartment could be larger. Those with larger feet say it gets very uncomfortable and makes using its features hard because feet does not fit properly. Foot size of 13 or larger seems to have an issue using this spa.

  • Others has reported that when the bubble feature is activated it does not produce a lot of bubbles.

  • Some have reported they received packages that were open, equipment was dirty and appeared used.