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Gift Cards.. Awesomeness in the palm of your hand

There’s nothing better than holding a gift card in the palm of your hand and dreaming of its potentialities. Do I buy that new book I’ve been eyeing? Maybe I’ll get that sweater that’s on sale. Should I get an accessory for my hobby, something I wouldn’t normally purchase for myself? With gift cards, the possibilities feel endless. Unfortunately, gift cards have been given a bad reputation in years past. Doubters claim they feel impersonal and generic, but nothing could be further from the truth. The average amount spent on gift cards has risen steadily from approximately $55 billion dollars a year in 2005 to $160 billion dollars a year in 2018. Gift cards are shedding their once beleaguered status and quickly becoming one of the most popular go-to gifts, and for good reason. - Gift cards are tailor made for the gift recipient. Whether you’re buying for a nephew who loves online gaming platforms, your best friend who recently took up golfing, or your sister with a penchant for home decorating, gift cards allow the giver to show an interest in the recipient’s hobbies and lifestyle while negating the possibility of buying something the recipient either doesn’t want or already has. No more doubting or second guessing, gift cards are foolproof. - Buying gift cards saves money and time. No longer do gift givers need to spend hours battling crowds to trudge around a mall or search through aisles to find the ideal gift. Gift cards can be purchased in most stores or online, from the convenience of your home and without the hassle of traffic and shopping crowds. Gift cards are often available at slight discounts, making it easy to buy the perfect gift and stay within your budget. - Gift cards are easy to give. Not only do gift cards require minimal preparation or wrapping, the gift can be given in almost any format imaginable. Gift cards and codes can be sent digitally through an email or text, can be placed in a holiday card and sent through the mail, or can be given to the recipient in person. The flexibility in how gift cards can be given make it one of the most popular and versatile holiday options. - Gift cards are convenient to use. When buying a traditional gift, every gift giver wonders if the recipient will want or need to return the item and if the recipient will use or like the gift. Not only do gift cards help take the guess work out of gift giving, they also give the gift of convenience. Most gift cards can be redeemed online, and are able to be used for on sale or speciality items, allowing the recipient the accessibility of shopping when and how they prefer. Gift givers appreciate the convenience and ease of giving a gift card, and gift card recipients love the excitement of choosing something they truly need or desire. Because gift cards are available for anything from restaurants to online gaming stores to specialty boutiques and big box stores, gift cards are rapidly gaining in popularity and use. When given with intent and thoughtfulness, gift cards are truly the perfect, personalized, one-size-fits-all holiday or special occasion gift.